Wooden Designer Three Little Pigs

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Wooden Designer Three Little Pigs

Create your own tale!

Wooden Designer “Three Little Pigs”

Theater on the table

The game set includes:

The text of the Russian folk tale “Three Little Pigs”, a playing field, scenery and figures from moisture-resistant birch plywood, colorful illustrations of fairy-tale characters, acrylic waterproof paints, 2 brushes.

Together with adults, children can read and remember the fairy tale story of three brother piglets and a predatory gray wolf. And then play a real fairy tale play on your table. For each character of the fairy tale and on the decoration, you need to paste colored images. And the opposite side can be painted according to the pattern of the illustration or the way you want.

Painted figures are put on the playing field after reading the relevant fragments of the text. For example, after reading the text about the construction of the strongest and most reliable stone house, a house of stones is put, and next to it is a wolf figure. The main text of the fairy tale at the request of the players can be supplemented with the author’s replicas of the players. For example, on behalf of the pigs: “This is not a disaster in this house. You will not come here, wolf, never! “. Or on behalf of the wolf: “I must climb into the pipe. All the catch and then immediately eat! “. Think up new words for your heroes, from this the fairy tale will become even more interesting. Each player can choose a separate character for himself and voice it using fairy tale text, replicas, jokes, emotions, and audiostickers with “Talking pen ZNATOK” tm .

After such an independent theatrical reading of the fairy tale “Three Little Pigs”, all the participants of the play will not only remember all the details of this instructive fairytale story, but also feel themselves cheerful and talented actors of our small theater.

We wish you creative success and new joy!