«Home orchestra»

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«Home orchestra»

A sound mat with the image of musical instruments, control buttons and select certain functions and a speaker for sound reproduction. Reproduces the sounds of eight musical instruments. In the “Demo” mode, you can listen to 14 melodies. Promotes the development of the child’s initial musical rhythm and sound imagination. It is possible to play together. In the “Recording” mode, it is possible to record up to 80 sounds. It is possible to connect an MP3 player.

Using the “Volume” keys, you can adjust the sound strength.
To save batteries, there is a “sleep mode”.
To work, you need 4 AA batteries or batteries (not included).
The kit includes an audio cord and drum sticks with rubber heads.
Do not wash! Dirt should be removed with a damp cloth while the power is off.
For more information, see the instructions .

The mat is easy to fold and convenient when carrying and storing. Children easily learn how to handle it. It will not only bring pleasure to children, but also will make it fun to do exercises.

Size of the rug: 90×69 cm
Packing size: 8x33x47 cm
Weight (gross): 1000 gr.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 33 × 47 cm