Set of ArTeC Sea friends – 30 parts

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Set of ArTeC Sea friends – 30 parts

With the Sea Friends constructor, your child will be able to assemble the most diverse inhabitants of the seas and go with them in search of adventure.

This unique designer will help your child quickly master the basics of modeling and realize their most fantastic ideas!

The set consists of 30 multi-colored details in the form of cubes, disks and triangles. A colorful instruction will tell you how to collect a fun penguin , a good dolphin , a toothy shark , a large whale or a parrotfish. The set includes the elements of the eyes, which will “revive” the marine inhabitants and turn the assembly of the designer into an exciting game!

Artec Blocks is the world's first construction kit , whose details can be combined in any direction: horizontally, vertically and even diagonally, thus building figures of any shape and size!

During the game with the Artec designer, the child will develop both small motor skills hands, and imagination - after all, he will want to come up with subjects for the game. It is noted that Artec construction kits positively influence the development of logical thinking , contribute to the concentration of attention and perseverance of children.

The parts are made of high-quality and environmentally friendly plastic.

For children from three years old.
Number of parts: 30
The size of the box: 125 x 182 x 35 mm
Weight: 0.256 g

Color cubes Artec Blocks is a universal toy that children like in 52 countries of the world! The more details from different sets will be at home, the more incredible ideas your child can realize!

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Weight 0.340 kg
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