Learning to count with «Talking Pen ZNATOK»™

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Learning to count with «Talking Pen ZNATOK»™

Interactive program “Sound books on the development of preschoolers.”

In this book there are 1200 fascinating sound exercises. Playing hide and seek, finding differences in drawings, performing seemingly ridiculous and simple tasks, children get acquainted with mathematical signs, numbers, solve the first simple examples. And at the same time, playing, learn and remember what is “whole” and “part”, “more and less”, determine the time by the hour, get acquainted with the geometric figures. And then, without much effort, they count up to a hundred, they subtract and add up not tens but tens. In addition to the first knowledge in mathematics, classes with this “talking” book help children develop memory, attention, logic and the ability to independently solve proposed problems, check and correctly assess their work.

  • All texts are voiced by professional actors
  • All the main characters of the illustrations are announced;
  • When you touch the “Talking Pen ZNATOK” ™ to the circles with exclamation marks, additional explanations sound:
  • Sound exams with self-searching for correct answers

Authors: Nadezhda Chizhova, Grigory Chizhov
ISBN: 9785424400476
Age: for children from 3 years old
Pages: 48 pages
Format: 190x260mm
Binding: Hard

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