Talking English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary

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Talking English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary

Interactive English learning program

With the help of the “Talking Pen ZNATOK” ™, more than 1500 words can be voiced in this book. The sound book itself consists of three parts. The first part of the dictionary is illustrated and includes 32 thematic sections. This part includes such basic topics as Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, Time, Family, Body, Face, Food, Clothing, Sport, Animals, Space, Transport and many others.

The vocabulary presented in this part is a good base in learning English.

The second part is the English-Russian dictionary. The third part is a Russian-English dictionary.

  • English texts are voiced by native speakers
  • Exact pronunciation and instant repetition;
  • Presented illustrations in Russian and English.

Author: Andrey Bahmetyev
ISBN: 9785424400018
Age: for children from 6 years old
Pages: 94 pages
Format: 190x265mm
Binding: Hard

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