We know the world! Issue №3 A set of 4 books

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We know the world! Issue №3 A set of 4 books

Interactive program “Sound books on the development of preschoolers.”

4 sound books of the third edition will help preschool children in an entertaining game form to get acquainted with our amazing colorful world, remember the features and useful properties of vegetables, learn about many wonderful things that are quite possible for any kid, to learn how to behave beautifully and correctly at home and on the street, in guests, in the theater or in the museum.

  • All texts and poems are voiced by professional actors
  • All the main characters of the illustrations are announced;
  • When you touch the “Talking Pen of the Fool” ™ to the circles with exclamation marks, additional explanations sound:
  • Sound exams with self-searching for correct answers

Authors: Natalia Tomilina, Raisa Kulikova, Tatyana Koti.
ISBN: 9785424400285
Age: for children from 3 years old

The kit includes:

Choose the modification of your Talking Pen
and download the audio file